Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prologue (Of the book I'm working on)

“Imagine....... Imagine...... Imagine a far green country, with towering mountains, bubbling brookes and wide open plains. The land was plentiful and the crops grew well. The fish in the rivers & brookes never ran out, and neither did the game in the forest. Yet, admist in such beauty, peace has never reigned. For as long as we can remember, race has fought against race, and tribe against tribe. Even the tales of our ancestors from as far back as the Diluvian Days, tell of the great battles between us all.
But hear my words now and remember them, my son. There will come a day when the waters rise up to reclaim this land once again, and in that hour, the races of this land must unite to survive, or we shall all perish. For this has been prophesied by my father, and his father's father, and all those before him who carried the prophetic heirloom of our family. And one day, if the Hiru will it, you will come of age and also witness the vision that has been our line's responsibility for many long generations.

If the Hiru will it, my son.....If the Hiru will it.”

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